Hi, I'm Patrick Lincoln. I've got a big head, but can still fit it behind the lens.

Torch House Media applies years of experience in video and audio production to bring a professional, yet affordable, standard to each project. Working with high profile clients, such as HBO and PBS to smaller companies looking for exposure in their industry, I have always enjoyed the entire process of video production. Watching a concept eventually develop into content that evokes various emotions (preferably enjoyment) is a very addictive feeling. In learning most of my skills through a hands on approach, I was able to absorb useful knowledge from seasoned Filmmakers and transfer that knowledge to my work. Between the technical facet of the industry and my natural ability with people, I will help create work of a diverse entertainment value.

The most rewarding part of Filmmaking for me is the collaboration with other creative individuals. I enjoy working with people with the same drive and motivation to bring a well thought out product to the surface. I feel lucky to be able to work in an environment where you are constantly learning and honing in on different skills every day.

I will consider accepting pizza as currency.

Special thanks to Annie Lincoln for creating our Mascot logo off the cuff, and Ian Kelly for the dope Typography logo. You guys are pretty cool.

                    Owner | Director | Editor

                   Owner | Director | Editor