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Look Good Music Video


Japanese American rapper and poet, G YAMAZAWA, has been featured on ABC, NBC, and NPR, he’s performed national and international tour dates,  and his debut album "Shouts to Durham," charted #37 on the iTunes top 100 rap albums. 

Makin’ This Sh*t Look Good

It’s not every day that an artist asks us to book an entire race track for a day. But when it comes to G, there’s nothing ordinary about him. We had done a few projects with G in the past, mostly concert recap videos. Having the opportunity to bring his vision to life for the song, “Look Good,” was something we knew we could deliver on.



One of G’s biggest fans was the key to unlocking this challenging project. G wanted to shoot at a race track, and the fan had the connection that got us in the door. We put together storyboards, gathered the crew (including a drone operator), devised some green screen tricks, and we were off to the races...literally.



Organization and logistics are the keys to success. Especially with an ambitious shot list and one day to get it done. Over 10 hours of shooting, we captured some sick burnouts, a few incredible drone shots, and everything else we’d need to bring this project to life in the editing suite. 



It’s rare for us to be afforded the luxury of time with the edit. But for this one, with the motion tracking and the green screen effects, the time spent was well worth it in the end. After a week, we sent G the first cut. He was pumped. He gave us a few small suggestions to put his mark on it. And to this day, this is one of our favorite music videos we’ve worked on. 


Every project is unique. Let talk about it.

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